The Rhode Pro Academy was developed by Dusty and Kelly Rhode to answer the simple question that universally plagues the beauty industry; Where can I find good continuing education?  Rhode Pro Academy answers just that with a wide array of ever expanding options for advanced education from Haircutting to Lashes and everything in between.  We believe that learning is the life force behind all successful industry leaders.  The Rhode Pro Academy is here to help those that are passionate about their artistry rise to higher levels of success by giving you the fuel your fire needs to shine brighter than the rest.


About the Founders:

Dusty Rhode:

Hair cutting is Dusty’s passion and this is proven in his work. Dusty is recognized as one of the most successful and influential educators in his specialty. Dusty’s work is featured at Aveda Congress Festival, the Aveda Mid-America Show, countless photo shoots, New York Fashion Week and he travels internationally to share his knowledge both on stage and in salon workshops. Dusty has received training from some of the industry’s most acclaimed institutions, developed salon and advanced curriculum and been integral in product.development. The integrity of his message has allowed Dusty to be Aveda’s North American Artistic Director for Haircutting.  Dusty is always excited to continue his own learning and is always looking for the next challenge. Dusty is even more excited to continue sharing his passion, inspiration and unparalleled authenticity with people who are eager to grow.

Kelly Rhode:

Kelly has been in the beauty industry since 2007. She is a licensed Cosmetologist, licensed tattoo artist, and a master trainer for Elleebana USA. She has a strong passion for lash and brow enhancements and has been heavily focused on her lash lift and brow henna education. 

She currently resides in the twin cities of Minnesota where she offers brow and lash enhancements, as well as Elleebana lash lift and brow henna certification workshops. She is a product rep and distributor for Elleebana lash lift and Belmacil brow and lash products.